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What we do

Tell us what your most resource intensive tasks are, whether it is data collection, recruiting on-demand workers, or sourcing sales leads, and we will come back with the most cost-efficient approach to get the job done. We will propose a mix of automated or semi-automated approach to solve your problem, and will leverage our Ninjas to perform tasks that are too costly to automate.

Who we are

OpsNinja recruits, selects, trains a global network of college-educated, passionate, and tech savvy millennials to perform your startup's most resource intensive tasks. We match the right Ninja based on their skills and experience to your project needs. 

Why OpsNinjas?

We evaluate your project needs, propose the most time and cost efficient approach, whether it is developing automated tools, or semi-automated tools coupled with Ninja hours to get the job done right.

We help you deal with the scary business of recruiting, training and scaling the on-demand workforce for you. You have the flexibility of adjusting resource and burn rate to match your business needs. 

We assign a dedicated OpsMaster to oversee each project, thus there is one main person who is responsible for making sure things get done right.











No term commitments. We earn your business by continuing to produce high quality work.
Custom quote for developing data-entry tools and web scrapers.


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